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I have a new Mazda 6, bought this march, and it has 5000 km in it. Since the first day, it is very very sensitive on the side wind!! For an example, if I drive past a truck, with a speed above aprox. 120 km/h, the car steers to one side, then I have to move the steering wheel, to steer it back on its way. And then the steering is not as great as thought it will be! If i steer it a little, it doesn`t happen anything, then if I steer it a bit more, the car turns too much in that direction, so I have to steer it back... Some people might think I`m drunk or something... The tyres are the ones with which I bought the car, Bridgestone B390!

Any suggestions how to solve this problem, `cause in the service they told me, that they never heared anything like this, and have no idea how to solve it!!! Please!!!
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