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Should I wire up my sport fogs?

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I can see why your hesitant on wiring them up.

I can only speak of my experience, but I wired them up. No use, those crappy lights that come with Heronew's set rusted out b/c they aren't air tight and water got in. Happened to both sides, so it kept on blowing the fuses.

Now I just have them on for looks.

They also do nothing for visibility... they look all cross eyed because the lights are not adjustable. Another local fellow here had one of them fall out on him.

There's two problems with Hernonew's fogs, for that matter, all aftermarket fogs for the sport bumper:

1. the housing is fixed so that the lamps only fit one way in (can't adjust them, all you see are mucked up light patterns)

2. crappy housings... they're close to the ground so they get the worse treatment of dirt and water --- they do not survive if you live in a rainy location[/b]

Damn, I bought mine like a month ago. So I'm basically counting down the time until these things go huh?
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