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Hello All,

I just bought my wife a Mazda MPV and I bought a Mazda 6 which is on its way to me.. Quite a big turn for us, I had a Protege a long time ago that I liked. Hope I will like these as well. I will have a BIG adjustment since I am going from the past 3 of my cars were Land Rovers now to a Mazda 6 (5speed).

One thing the Land Rover environment made available easy was a SHOP MANUAL in PDF format. Has anyone seen a shop manual for the Mazda 6 in PDF format? I don't even see them on ebay. I know I will be installing some things and like having a shop manual to know how things are "PUT TOGETHER".

Also I saw the Gas Debate and guess I will go with what the manual suggests... My last Land Rover took premium only according to the manual and at 11 MPG in the city I was getting killed.. Can't wait to see the Gas Mileage in the Mazda 6.

What are some cheap mods to get started with that are nice...don't plan on racing...just want it to be a nice ride. I plan on adding Sirius, Tint, and a Spoiler. What about a K&N do they help some?

Tulsa, OK
'07 Mazda 6 (on its way).
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