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Well there was no avoiding it; one of the bolts on the flange of the rear bank exhaust manifold sheared off (was so corroded that it sheared with little force on the nut from just a ratchet), so now I'm stuck having to pull the manifold and attempt a repair. My plan is to get it removed (gonna be a pain I'm sure), cut the welds holding the nuts in place, then put new flange head metric grade 10.9 bolts in their place and weld the head to the flange on the manifold the same way the original bolts were installed from the factory. My hope is that I can avoid having to replace the whole manifold simply because of a sheared bolt.

So that being the plan, I read the manifold removal guide on the 6Crew forum (here: This covers both manifolds, but I'm assuming alternator removal is necessary for the rear manifold. Is this a correct assumption? Since I'll be in there, I plan to thoroughly clean the EGR as well. May as well while it's apart, eh?

Also to anyone else's experience, is there anything not mentioned in the writeup that I should keep in mind to make the job less of a bear?
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