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I bought a used 06' mazda 6i last month with 85k miles on it. I did not have any issues until last week. Issues that I have noticed (not sure if these are normal, I could just be paranoid as this is my first car, thought its better to get expert opinion )

1) When I shift from N to D my engine block seems to move and I can feel my car start vibrating. Also when the gear changed from 1 to 2 there is a slight knock, but subsides after a while.

2) As the AC starts to kick in at Idle, I start feeling a faint vibration in the body and the drivers seat.

3) My car shakes like crazy when I drive between 55 MPH and 75 MPH and beyond that its just vibrates - I feel it on the seat and the body.

4) When someone is sitting in the rear seat - they feel the car is wobbling and unstable.

5) I feel there is a lot of noise inside the car.

Things I have tried so far to check -

1) Had my wheels balanced and rotated
2) Alignment checked
3) Brake Pads and Calipers checked
4) The shocks and struts seem fine

I am getting the feeling that I might have picked up the wrong Mazda 6i. Any guidance will be appreciated.

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