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Setting up my Blitz SBC-iD EBC

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I'm having some fun setting my Blitz up.
I have the following settings:
Boost – Channel 1
Boost = 16.0
Gain = 12
Auto/Manu = Auto
Boost 16.2
Limiter 10

The boost controller is letting the turbo spike and hold to 20 PSI with the factory setup. This of course causes massive fuel cut. If I choose AC then I can't get over 15 PSI of boost. There has to be a setting that will let this thing work and hold 16/17 PSI to redline for another week.
I have removed the factory line between the stock WGA and the turbo housing and connected the out from solenoid to WGA and the in from the Turbo.

Any suggestions?

Here's the manual -
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First thing I would do is lower your gain to "5" this should build the boost slightly slower and let the system properly report the boost.
Also try changing the mode to "manual" and start with the value of "50" see what this nets you, then up the number towards "100". 0 in manual mode is stock boost, meaning whatever the WG spring is set to, i think its 8 psi.

I couldn't even get the E-01 to "learn" the car for auto mode. My settings right now are:

Set Boost - 37
Gain - 42
Start Boost - 12.7

I'm not sure how the setting would relate between the two Boost controllers, but I'm just throwing it out there.

Oh yeah, I am finding that the weather is directly effecting the efficiency of the boost controller. I have to change my settings with every 10* or so change in ambient temperature. I just have my "High" and my "Low" set to what works with some common temps around here in Missouri this time of year. 25-35* I hit "Low"; 40-50* I hit "High". Anything else, I have to adjust on the run to keep from fuel cut (which wasn't an issue until I put the DP on).
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Good info, I'll try these settings out in a bit.
I need to adjust my clutch tonight too, after installing my EBC I found the 47lbs I've dropped allowed me to fit under the dash quite well.
Congrats on the weight loss, you just gained .0005 in the 1/4 mile haha
Boost – Channel 1
Boost = 21
Gain = 7
Auto/Manu = Manu
Boost 17.0
Limiter 7

I can now drive around w/o boost cut, it's cool, car peaks around 16.8/17 and then settles to high 15's to redline.

Thanks guys!!!
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No, just more manageable.
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