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I bought a performance white 2003 6i about two months ago from a private seller and would like to take it to the dealer to get checked out. nothing in particular is wrong with it (other than a loud fan and the windshield fogging when the air is on), but I’d like them to change all the fluids, flush the coolant system, flush the transmission and change the fluid, check for codes, etc. also I’d like them to perform any TSB's and the ECM update as I’m sure the previous owner took care of the car as far as oil changes and such goes, but not TSBs and such. Is there anything in particular that I should tell the dealer when I call? Sorry for the stupid questions but this is my first relatively new car and I want to take really good care of it.
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Just tell the dealer what you said. Change all fluids and perform any outstanding TSB/Recall for the car.

Expect to pay major $$$ for them to change all of the fluids at the dealership.
Yea, I would look into at least asking around first to see where you can get these things done cheaper. An oil change, at the very LEAST you can do yourself to save some money. People on here use Royal Purple or Mobil1 for synthetic. The only good thing the dealer has to offer is if something happens to your car due to servicing, they should cover it compared to a jiffy lube of some sort. Expect to pay close to about $3hundred bucks at least, I don't know labor costs where u live.
three hundred bucks doesnt seem all too bad considering it cost 1200 for my mom to have all this stuff done to her toyota. but she also bought a set of tires. by the way, thanks for moving this thread for me. i dont know why i didnt post it in the newbie section to begin with. as far as changing my own oil goes, i'd like to learn, but i'm a complete idiot when it scomes to cars. i've seen the tutorial, but i really dont want to mess anything up. i'm too paranoid.
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