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People who say Morel, Zapco, or Treo are knock off brands, have no reason to be judging or saying anything about car audio. They should just be happy with the top of the best buy line, and be happy.

I'm a huge JL fan, but I have to agree there is a lot more out there thats better. Most of it is around the same price or cheaper too. But just like anything else in business, people pay for brand recognition. Thats just how business is...

If a company becomes very mainstream and they make good stuff, they can get away with marking up the prices. By the same reason, thats why Zapco, Morel, CDT Audio, US Amps, etc... those brands, while they are known throughout the car audio industry as top of the line brands...they are not main stream, because the companies are selective with shops they let be authorized dealers. Which is a good thing. You're not gonna find any of these at major installer chains..(Custom Sounds, Audio Express, Tweeter, Best Buy, CC....) Stuff you are gonna find in those national chains is gonna be the main stream brands, like your kicker, alpine, JL, kenwood..etc.. That how JL gets away with such high prices, because when you compare them to other brands in their class..They are the top dog! But if you were comparing brands by prices and quality, sure there's a lot better out there, but most people go to a shop and buy everything and have everything put in.

Cause you don't have to be into car audio to know who kicker, alpine, or JL is. But you almost have to know a thing or two about car audio to know who Zapco, Morel, or Treo is...

That is all I have...
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