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Well I was bleeding the Brakes and then his Clutch on his 97 Tiburon a few weeks ago. During I saw he had a Seprate Resovoir which is the norm I know. Got me thinking that it's somewhat poor design to integrate and have it "piggyback" from the Master Cylinder Fluid which would get dirtier much quicker then the Clutch fluid on it own. When Brake Fluid gets saturated with moisture and dirt(why it turns brown) the Hydralic properties are somewhat diminised in the sense that it compresses a little more(worse pedal feel).

So I went to the Junkyard with the same friend cause he was looking for a few odds and ends things cause he got a 04 GTI and still has the Tiburon. So I started looking for any Remote mount resovoir like in his Tiburon and found some on some Honda models and the exact same one he had on a MANUAL Sonata or Elantra that I think was a 97 also. perfect.

I have a Oddesey lightweight battery on my car that I used the Stock battery tray for but took to very long carriage bolt and drilled holed into the tray and bolted them in place then placed the battery and took a reg flat metal piece and cut it to size, cut holes into and put some rubber on the bottom portion so the battery don't slide and it's been workin well for over a year now lol. And I'll Be you that small amount of ABS plastic and bolts is LIGHTER then the CP-E aluminum tray!

This allowed me to attach the Resovoir using a factory bolt on the cowel right bar the strut town mounts. I sucked out all the fluid I could with a vacuum at work and then pulled off the line and let the rest drain out and dried it off and just capped it with a vacuum car I got at Autozone. The stock line will reach but the nipple at the bottom of the resovoir is to big so the line won't fit around it. I had a vacuum line from a Camry at work that I took off the Intake manifold and it worked just fine. Used a hose clamp on the resovoir and reg clamp u would remove with some pliers on the slave cylinder end. not leaks, bled the lines with all new fluid and done.

I took some pics with my phone after I got home that night and it looks pretty good, might be harder if u have the stock battary as there isn't much room behind it which is probably the reason they way it's setup stock lol. It looks pretty stock IMHO except for the bracket holding it but that stock with the resovoir straight out of the Sonata. might take it off and paint it black just to match more.

All in all It drives just like you bled the clutch line but will stay that way longer I think.

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