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I'm getting rid of my PC stuff mainly because I am looking to completely upgrade and start from fresh.

I've got a eVGA 7800 GS that comes standard OCed. Easily play ANY games out there right now. Yes, this is the AGP version. (I would at least recommend a a64 3500+ or higher CPU with this)

I also have two mainboards. A Gigabyte model and MSI. The MSI is older and I like it more. It will support AMD's dual core models with a reflash of the BIOS. The Gigabye already supoorts dual core. The MSI is the K8T-NEO MS-6702E I paid about $130 for this board. I bought the gigabyte one only because I was troubleshooting some issues I was having. This is model GA-K8U-939 with the ULI chipset.

I do have a CD/DVD writer from Sony that has a black faceplate.

Not selling my Logitech g15 keyboard nor my Photosmart 8250 printer. And I'm not getting rid of my monitor, nobody would want it anyhow. Oh, and the mouse is mine to keep too. So basically all the stuff inside the computer.

I forgot to mention that CPU is up for sale too. It's the A64 3500+ Never been overclocked. Still a very fast and comparable CPU even though its over a year old or so. Definitely has kick in it for some time still. I can't quite remember which core it uses. I would find out with CPU-ID or whatever it's called but my computer is apart and I am not going to reinstall windows to find out.

Oh and to throw it out there I have these Dragon sculptures to sell that I got from Franklin Mint years ago. $25 a piece shipped if someone wants one. There are a total of 12. If you want them all, I will give a heavy discount.

PM me for details on anything. I'll try my best to get back to you in a timely manner.
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