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Sell me on the 6 ('16 Mazda6 GT vs '15 Accord EX-L)

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Seriously, I'm at wits end.

I've been shopping for a new car for the last couple months, and I've narrowed my choices down to these two great cars...and now I'm stuck with a case of paralysis by analysis. Both of them are awesome cars, if for different reasons, and I keep flip-flopping between the two.

I brought two sets of friends along for test drives of both cars. One couple preferred the 6, the other couple preferred the Accord. So yeah, no real help there. :-/

So in an act of desperation, I've decided to seek out random strangers--Mazda6 and Accord fans. You would be the former, of course. ;-) I need you to help sell me on the Mazda6.

Note that I'm going with the 2016 model of the 6 for the upgraded infotainment system.

Here are my pros and cons (so far) with each:

Accord Pros:
* costs less by about $3000.
* Forward Collision Warning
* Lane Departure Warning
* Slightly better acceleration
* LaneWatch blind spot camera
* Slightly smoother ride
* Padded armrest on door window sill (Seriously! It seems minor, but it really adds to the comfort level).

Accord Cons:
* Oddly shaped trunk area (limiting real-world cargo space a bit)
* Small cargo pass-through and no 60/40 split.
* Oddly cluttered two-screen-plus-dials-and-buttons infotainment center stack.

Mazda6 Pros:
* Better turning/handling
* Deep, roomy trunk with 60/40 split rear seats
* Blind-spot Warning
* Rear Traffic Warning
* Paddle Shifters and Sport Mode
* Bi-Xenon adaptive lighting
* Simpler, better infotainment layout (plus navigation)

Mazda6 Cons:
* $3000 more (few incentives or rebates available for 2016 model)
* 19" Wheels (look nice, and good handling, but cost almost twice as much as 17" to replace!)
* No Lane Departure Warning or Fwd Collision Warning without the iEloop tech package (would prefer to stay away from iEloop)
* Hard plastic on door, where I prefer to rest my arm.

So there you have it, Mazda fans. Help tip the scales! Get me to buy the Mazda6!

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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Honestly, I just like having a unique car that looks and drives amazing and I don't have to use my alarm system to find it in a Wal-Mart parking lot ;) have been driving Mazda for 20 years now and the 2016 nails it!
My coworker just bought a brand new Honda Accord the same color as the Mazda 6 I will be taking delivery of tomorrow. I should park next to him at work and at lunch do a side by side demo.

His has a 6 cylinder so will have a LOT more acceleration.

He loves Honda, even though I joke with him about how his Honda had more problems then either my Dodge or my Chevy,
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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