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I recently bought a Mazda 6 2015 model, Manual exactly a week ago. Everything seemed fIne with all the pre-checks. I was supposed to drive about 1300 km back home. As soon as I hit the highways I noticed SCBS FORWARD MALFUNCTION, TRACTION CONTROL AND CHECK ENGINE lights come on, on the dash, then I realised it lost power. It drives fine but doesn’t have enough power. I managed to slowly bring it home and I have booked an appointment with my mechanic to go have it checked out tomorrow. I am thinking of going to Mazda service centre after this, if my mechanic dont figure it out.

I wanted to know if anyone has experience that on their Mazda. What is the course, what do I have to expect and what are the possible solutions.

I read some post about it but didn’t quite get any solution or the exact cause. It just seem to be a Mazda thing.

Please advise #Mazda6 #Mazda #TechnicianOnTheGo #allmazdamodels #mazdacommunity


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