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Dual Band/Tri-Mode Sprint Phone
The camera phone with more...Sanyo’s PM-8200 combines advanced camera functionality with a high quality built-in speakerphone and nationwide walkie-talkie style communication with PCS Ready Link(SM) from Sprint. This stylish handset is available in four color options to match your personality.

PM-8200 Features

Advanced Camera Functionality
- VGA resolution
- Built-in flash
- Digital zoom
- Self-timer
- Multi-shot
- Picture sharing
- Voice memo attachment
- Fun frames & color tones
- Security camera lockout feature

Nationwide Walkie-Talkie Style Communication with
PCS Ready Link from Sprint
- Communicate one-to-one or with groups of up to five other users (6 total) simultaneously
- Add, edit or delete contact entries with the phone or with
Sprint’s Web-based directory
- Select from 5 different Ready Link alert tones for Incoming Calls and Missed Calls

Built-in high quality speakerphone
Internal display: 1.8-inch, 65,536-color TFT LCD
External display: 1.0-inch, 65,536-color TFT LCD
Voice-activated dialing for up to 30 entries
WAP 2.0 web browser
JAVA (J2ME) enabled
Digital memo recorder:
- Record voice memos of up to 18 seconds in length
(72 seconds total recording time)
Wirelessly download games, ringers, and screen savers
32-chord Polyphonic ring tones & Melodies
Call screening/answering machine mode
Personal Information Manager
Tools: Alarm Clock, Calculator, World Clock
Elegant backlit keypad
Compatible with Sprint’s standard barrel plug connector
Dual Band/Tri-Mode -- Digital: 1.9 GHz, 800 MHz; Analog: 800 MHz

email me for pictures

Willing to trade for mazda 6 parts

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think you could find bigger text?

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Its a nice phone...a filler between the Lowend and Highend Sprint phones....

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I am willing to trade for electonics or mazda 6 parts
Not interested in the phone, already have one of those in the family.....I was just helping out with the sale.

the 8200 was an okay phone... i have the A-900 <3 blade :love:
Thats my next phone, although I really like the quality of the Sanyo phones vs the Samsung. I currently have the Sanyo 7400MM ....... absolutely excellent phone functionality and looks wise. The only downfall is how big the focker is.

The 8200 is a similar phone to my 7400MM except for the lack of MM support (Video, TV). But other than that its got a great camera, lots of features, very clean display, etc etc. Well worth it if you have Sprint.
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