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Rotor/Pads Compatibility

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I've been going back and forth on replacement front brakes and was planning to swap to CX-9 calipers/rotors/pads for the 2 pot calipers and because Hawk has HPS pads for the CX-9 but not the 6.

Looking at other options, Hawk offers pads for the CX-5, and the rotors from Hawk for the CX-5 and 6 are the same do CX-5 pads fit the 6? If rotors are the same, I would be surprised if the calipers were that different.

Looking at the specs of the EBC pads I currently have vs the Hawk pads look like this:

EBC Pads:

140 x 60 x 15.5mm

Hawk HPS pads for CX-5:

142 x 61 x 16mm

On Hawk's website, the HTC5390 rotor is listed as compatible for both cars.
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I could answer it all, but the way the Z23 pads work and wear i cannot suggest anything else.

Lots of shit changes over from model to model, its one thing Mazda does right.
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My only holdup on the CX-9 caliper swap is that I don't want to buy calipers
You mean rotors?
I get it, but with so many people using Z23 pads, i dont see the need for Hawks. Just cause it doesnt say for the 6, doesnt mean they arent the same, they will fit.The CX-5 is the exact same as the 3 too.

I checked my pad wear when i installed my RE-71R's in April and they werent even half worn which REALLY surprised me given how hard i push them in autocross and on the street.
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How long have you had the Z23's? Are yiu running then front and back or just fronts?
F/r and since last March. So 10k-ish miles and prob 100-ish autox runs. And i love braking late, which means HARD. Ran up to around 100 racing this Chrysler 300C, coming up on this 3 Series in front of us and i was able to wait till 2-3 car lengths before i braked which really upset the 300C, physically and mentally cause he didnt have the braking power lol.
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RT615s which have a lot more grip
If youve read my autox updates from last year, on the RE-71R's i found the tipping point to where ABS kicks in and the car is fun on that edge. Im dailying those tires, but due to my -2.75º of camber in the rear and not being able to install the Godspeed arms, i was worried Mid Ohio was gonna turn me away at the end of the month cause the inner 1.5" are worn with no tread, so i picked up a set of 235/40 RT615s thatll be putting on this Sat, so ill be able to report about them on a track too. But, last PE i got them so hot they were smoking and zero fade whatsoever, in fact, the hotter they get, the more they grip and make zero noise.
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