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Rotor/Pads Compatibility

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I've been going back and forth on replacement front brakes and was planning to swap to CX-9 calipers/rotors/pads for the 2 pot calipers and because Hawk has HPS pads for the CX-9 but not the 6.

Looking at other options, Hawk offers pads for the CX-5, and the rotors from Hawk for the CX-5 and 6 are the same do CX-5 pads fit the 6? If rotors are the same, I would be surprised if the calipers were that different.

Looking at the specs of the EBC pads I currently have vs the Hawk pads look like this:

EBC Pads:

140 x 60 x 15.5mm

Hawk HPS pads for CX-5:

142 x 61 x 16mm

On Hawk's website, the HTC5390 rotor is listed as compatible for both cars.
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I could answer it all, but the way the Z23 pads work and wear i cannot suggest anything else.

Lots of shit changes over from model to model, its one thing Mazda does right.
I have a pair of Z23's ready for the rears once I decide on rotors.

I've got USR rotors and greenstuff pads in the front that I put on earlier this year but have warped them already and need something better suited for my driving style.

My only holdup on the CX-9 caliper swap is that I don't want to buy calipers, and I already have 2 sets of front calipers with rebuild kits.

But if someone wants to get some new front calipers for the 6, powder coated in black or blue, I'd happily sell them and buy the CX-9
You mean rotors?
No I meant calipers.

I was planning on changing out my calipers for CX-9 calipers, and then getting the properly sized rotor/pad to accompany the calipers.

One of my reasons for wanting to do this, besides the larger rotor/pad and 2 piston caliper, was to get Hawk HPS pads as I hear they are great.

While doing some more reading last night, I had seen someone mention the CX-5 pads/rotors may be the same as the 6. So I checked Hawk's site and see they use the same rotor, but the HPS pads only show for the CX-5 and not the 6, despite the same rotor showing compatible.

That led me to the measurements in my post, showing the EBC pads for the 6 vs the Hawk HPS pads for the CX-5 being nearly identical. I'm unsure if the minor difference in size will prevent me from using the Hawk HPS pads for the CX-5 if I keep my existing calipers for the 6.
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I get it, but with so many people using Z23 pads, i dont see the need for Hawks. Just cause it doesnt say for the 6, doesnt mean they arent the same, they will fit.The CX-5 is the exact same as the 3 too.

I checked my pad wear when i installed my RE-71R's in April and they werent even half worn which REALLY surprised me given how hard i push them in autocross and on the street.
How long have you had the Z23's? Are yiu running then front and back or just fronts? I was in the middle of processing my order for the Hawk HPS 5.0 pads and another set of EBC USR rotors and now you got me 2nd guessing myself.

I have StopTech SS brake lines on order since May, and an update yesterday that they should be shipped on 8/4, so my hopes were the SS lines, USR rotors, and HPS pads would be a noticeable improvement over the USR rotors + greenstuff combo I'm currently running.

Whether I stay with my original factory calipers or CX-9 cheapy eBay calipers, I'll be powdercoating them after dissisembly and sandblasting. I've got a set of A-Premium calipers on the front now as a placeholder while figure out the setup.
I'm probably going to regret this (happened everytime I didn't listen to @TalonTsi90 so far), but I ordered the Hawks. I guess I'll be the test dummy, as it's a suitable title, and see how well they work. I may have to get a set of Z23's and Centric rotors in the spring next year just to do a full comparison at this point.
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+1 on the Z23 band-wagon. I've been supercharged for 14 months, with Z23 pads on stock rotors, and high temp fluid flushed yearly, and never had an issue locking up the tires or brake fade ever...

that being said, I'm planning on getting RT615s which have a lot more grip, which is more brake heat, and plan to go to the Ridge, which is a very high speed road course, and may pick up some Hawk pads to switch to if I experience fade from the Z23s and depending on your experience @ThatOneGuy93
My pads and rotors are on the way and I should have them installed by this time next week. I am considering switching to Dot4 fluid since I will be flushing the lines anyway. After proper bed-in, I will take them on a demanding drive and update this thread!
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Well I got my EBC rotors and Hawk HPS 5.0 pads and have been prepping my OEM calipers for powder coating but running behind schedule due to stray kittens showing up and taking two in that were badly injured.

Started to go over the calipers once more tonight since it's been a couple weeks, and the pads don't fit the Mazda 6 caliper despite the rotors being the same for the CX-5 and Mazda 6. So now I need to decide on getting CX-5 calipers, or swapping the rotors and pads for the CX-9 equivalents and buying CX-9 calipers which was my original plan.

I could get the pads to fit but would need to grind about 1/16th of an inch off of each tab on the sides of the pads to get them to fit the Mazda 6 calipers. I am not sure if it would align with the piston still though so I'm not sure what to do.

I am going to leave it up to the group. CX-5 calipers and keep the pads/rotors, or swap it all for CX-9 equivalents and get that sweet 2 piston caliper goodness.
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