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Rotor/Pads Compatibility

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I've been going back and forth on replacement front brakes and was planning to swap to CX-9 calipers/rotors/pads for the 2 pot calipers and because Hawk has HPS pads for the CX-9 but not the 6.

Looking at other options, Hawk offers pads for the CX-5, and the rotors from Hawk for the CX-5 and 6 are the same do CX-5 pads fit the 6? If rotors are the same, I would be surprised if the calipers were that different.

Looking at the specs of the EBC pads I currently have vs the Hawk pads look like this:

EBC Pads:

140 x 60 x 15.5mm

Hawk HPS pads for CX-5:

142 x 61 x 16mm

On Hawk's website, the HTC5390 rotor is listed as compatible for both cars.
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I have Z23s on both my "6" and my Suburban. They're insanely excellent and on the truck they get a particular workout because my primary use for it is as A TRUCK -- that is, it pulls a trailer which, while it does have brakes, also has 7,000lb GVWR. Within the last couple months I've dragged that rig literally across the country.

I've had them on both vehicles now for close to two years and I see absolutely no reason to put anything else on either. They're both social (no noise problems nor are they dusty) and VERY fade resistant, never mind having a nicely-modulated "bite" whether cold or hot and, a rarity for pads, they wear very well (that is, not a lot) also.

Did a brake fluid exchange this last week on both and as such got a good look at the pad condition on both vehicles and was very impressed.
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