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Hi Monsoon,

I have a Saturn that has had balance problems, almost from the time I got it. I have snow tires on separate rims that run fine. But my original rims and regular tires have given me trouble. The good news is that a properly done Road force Balance with the Hunter balancer may solve your problem.

But be sure it is done right. I have had a road force balance at least 5 times and 3 of those times it did not help. I suspect it requires a good tire tech that KNOWS how to use the machine. (At least once, I am sure that the Road force was not done at all because the counter guy did not comunicate to the tech what I wanted. ) Read the website information and be sure you know what to ask for!

Since you have new rims, you should not have this issue, but I have had bent rims in the past. A good tech should be able to spot this and let you know.

Good luck.
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