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Hello all. I actually joined the forum just over 2yrs ago when I was working on my 2005 Mazda 6 and replacing all of the various front suspension control arms, hubs, wheel bearings, tire rods, etc., but I had never logged in to post anything myself until now.
I’m in the process of awaiting approval of my first “question” post in the Mazda 6 1st Gen section, but after the fact I realized newbies are supposed to post here in this “Newbie” section first instead… Opps. Sorry for the double post but the original Admins message to do so here first was from almost two years ago and I didn’t remember that. Anyway…

2005 Mazda 6 sedan (built April 05’), 2.3L 4-cyl. 4-speed Auto

I have a very tight drive/serpentine belt even while taking it off and is seemly impossible putting one back on, and would really appreciate some opinions on this.

The belt tensioner started rattling a while back, but I just now had the chance to get in there and replace the tensioner assembly with its attached pulley as well as the idler pulley.

I ordered the Gates Serpentine Belt Kit for 2003-2005 Mazda 6 2.3L L4 - Enhancement Drive (Part #38408K, Product #79121408), which also included a Gates Micro V-Belt K060883 (effective length 2246mm / 88.43in)

When taking off the old belt after moving the tensioner over with a wrench, I still had to get a metal hook and pull very strongly on the belt to coax it from one of the smooth pulleys. There is a metal upright tab protrusion with a hole it on the cars lower frame which allowed me to slide a large hex key/allen wrench into that hole and then into a hole in the bottom portion of my wrench handle so I didn’t have to keep the tensioner held with one hand while removing the belt with the other hand at least. When taking off the belt I was really surprised at just how tight it still was and thought to myself… a new belt is probably going to be a real major pain when it shouldn’t be. Surprise! Yes indeed.

I put on the new tensioner assembly and idler pulley and no big deal as normal, but the new belt… no way it was going on there. I needed about another 1.5 inches, so I moved the wrench further to max out the tensioner and wedged something around he wrench handle to hold it in place and there's still about 3/4 to 1in to go on the belt in order to firmly slide back over onto a smooth pulley again. I’ve seen general variance ranges in tight serpentine belts in the past with other vehicles, but this is another level really. I can’t believe it is so tight to put on when everything is routed properly and appears to be seated firmly onto all of the pulleys with grooves as well.

New Belt: Gates Micro V-Belt K060883 (effective length 2246mm / 88.43in)
Practically the same as the old belt supposedly
Old Belt: Gates Micro V-Belt 6PK2245 [L31 15 909B] (effective length 2245mm, but it has stretched maybe a very slight bit at least)

Not sure if the geometry of the Gates Serpentine Belt “Enhancement” tensioner kit has a very slightly different tensioner range or height ratio or not really. The original OEM tensioner outer casing is a bit different in appearance, but other than that, it bolted on just fine and seems ok.
Are there any options for another belt to be use for the 2005 Mazda 6 that is at least around 3/4 to 1in longer? Or do I have to cook the belt in the oven and try to slightly stretch it if that’s even possible since the new tensioner is bottomed out already? I feel like I'm trying to put a square peg in a round hole at the moment.
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