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Hi All,

Just writing up a quick review for Ken over at Protege Garage. Ken has helped me with many things in the past and it's about time I gave him the credit and positive review he deserves. He has always been professional in his dealings prompt in his communication.

As many of you know, I traded in my MSP for a MS6. Well living here in California I don't have a need for winter tires and wheels, but this year for Christmas we would end up driving to my wife's parents in Montana where the summer wheels and tires weren't going to cut out.

I set out on a quest to find a workable solution with wheels that would fit the MS6 and a decent set of winter tires that would get me to Montana and back and be useful for future trips to Tahoe, etc...

After scouring the for sale section on msprotege and mazda6club, ebay auctions, looking at packages on tire rack, etc... I wasn't finding anything that would work.

I talked to Ken about my dilemma and not only did he have the perfect set of wheels for me, he hooked me up with the tires mounted, balanced, and shipped in a reasonable and proper manner that got them to me just in time for me to use for our 1,200 mile drive.

The tires were Blizzak LM-25s and the wheels are Racing Hart MP3 wheels. They performed great in all conditions (including a nice iced over highway outside west yellowstone). I would gladly do it again and now have a capable set of tires and wheels that should last for several trips/winters.

For the record those Racing Hart wheels just clear the massive front brakes on the MS6.

Thanks to Ken for helping me out.




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