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I have the sport mazdaspeed6 and the battery was disconnected and reconnected. The unlock button on the remote lock still works but the unlock button does not. Doesn’t this seem backwards? Anyway I searched the forum for how to reprogram the locks. Found a few posts about opening the door – lock and unlock door using switch – turn the key to on three time – open close the door three times – then hit the button on your remote. I tried this several times and the car responds just like the instructions say with a unlocking and locking of the door after each step. But when I’m done the lock button still doesn’t work. Has this worked for others or are the steps slightly different for the speed6?

Second question – does the unlock the door with the remote repeatedly to roll down the windows trick work with the sports model? This is the first time I’ve tried and I’m not sure if it’s the lack of my remote being programmed or the fact that I got the lower end Speed6.
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