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Replacement Battery with stock hold down?

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I went to replace the battery in my MS6 last weekend and picked up a AutoCraft Gold 96R battery, but it was about 1" shorter than the stock battery so the hold down bracket didn't fit. Searching the forums for which batteries it seems that most people use size 35 batteries, but the online specs for them all seem to be ~1" taller than the stock battery (except the RedTop35 which is .5" shorter). Are there any batteries out there with the same height as the stock battery? If not, how does everyone modify their hold down bracket to fit the new battery?

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My last 2 Redtops came with a spacer that was on the top of the battery. You have to take that off and then place it under the bottom of the battery to raise it up. This list time I got the Redtop (for the speed6) they guy didn't know anything and tried to throw it away, I stopped him and good thing I did because I needed it. It is just a block of plastic that goes under the battery, maybe you can find one or make something to do rise it up. Otherwise, you might have to thread the bolt more on the battery tie down; but I don't know if that can be done or not.
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