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Hey Folks,

I don't do enough winter driving to justify the expense of purchasing winter tires and wheels if I can avoid it. But for Christmas, we are looking at driving to Montana to visit my wife's parents. Unfortunately, airefare is around $1,000 each round trip currently, and will only get more expensive as we get closer to Christmas. (we cannot afford this, nor can we book our tickets in advance because my wife is having surgery tomorrow and it's not clear whether or not she will be recovered enough to travel).

What I am proposing is that I borrow/rent a set of winter tire wheels for us to make the trip in late December if you have some that you won't be using. The wheels need to be at least 17" to work on the MS6.

The trip is about 1,200 miles each way, so I expect that somewhere between 2,500-3,000 miles will be put on the set.

I know that cables can be used on the factory tires/wheels but I don't have the greatest confidence in them for the long trip, especially over any ice/snow that may be encountered along the way.

If you have some that you won't be using, please let me know and maybe we can work out an arrangment that would be favorable to me over purchasing a tires/wheels combo for myself.


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