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So you might remember that I hit a curb on some ice a few weeks back. I've had a bit of an issue arise since then. The bumper was already dented and messed up and needed to be replaced, and didn't seem that bad at first. What I didn't notice was that the plastic liner in the driver side front wheel well was loose. So my tire started to obliterate it. A large portion of it is already gone, and the car sounds like death when it comes loose (I've tried tucking the hanging portion behind another bit of plastic and a little metal bar, but it never stays for long), especially while turning. At this point, it isn't really doing anything but making horrible noises as far as I can tell, so now I need to know whether or not it would be dangerous to cut off the part that's hanging loose. The attachment shows about where the plastic is coming off and hanging loose, and a large bit of the liner has already disintegrated/been torn off in the middle of that section. From the red line on down to the left, it's not attached anymore and it flapping around while driving hitting the tire. From the red line to the right it's fine.

Tl;dr version:
Would it be dangerous to cut off the part of plastic wheel well liner (part is already come off) from the red line down? It's not attached because of damage to the car and is scraping against the tire while driving.


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