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Recommendation for Brakes and rotors for a 2015 Mazda 6 Touring

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I was at the Mazda Dealer yesterday for a oil change, The tech said that my front pads were at 3mm and the rear at 4mm. suggested to replaced pads. The dealer wanted $303 for front and $303 for rear, not including rotors. I declined. My car has 110,000 miles. I had all 4 rotors resurfaced and new brake pads installed about 4 years ago. Any recommendations on what rotors and pads to buy. How much should this complete job cost, should I do OEM or aftermarket ?
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So I'm looking to replace the rotors on my 2015 Touring/GS, do you guys have a stronger recommendation out of the following three Centric rotors available from RockAuto?

C-TEK 12145096/12145085
Semi-Coated 12045084/12045085
GCX Elemental Protection; Fully Coated 32045084F/32045085F
Ive already said the 120 Series.
Thanks for the added confidence with the 120 series. They are just more expensive than the 320 series on RockAuto at the moment, hence why I brought up the question.
Not when they last as long as they are for me, read my Z23 pad review.
Thanks again, I revisited your Z23 pad review post.

On the other hand, any recommendation/comments with brake calipers for future reference? Centric makes remanufactured uncoated ones, whereas Ultra-Power makes new and coated ones. I believe Centric is part of Stoptech which is good, and I lean towards getting ones from them. I also used Powerstop's calipers in another vehicle, but they don't make calipers for our Mazda6. My understanding is that coated calipers are the preferable ones to go with.
I have no issue with the stock calipers. If anything, id just rebuild them, or get the CX-9 calipers.
Interesting, the CX-9 calipers are direct bolt-on for the fronts?
Yes, you just need new rotors obvs.
Awesome, this is certainly worth considering when replacing the front calipers. (y)

As for new rotors, same size/spec Mazda 6 rotors would do, or we need to go larger? If larger, what is the recommended size for a direct swap without needing to modify the existing stock setup?
They are CX-9 calipers, why would you think youd need 6 rotors if i told you youd need new ones?
Always better to confirm, wouldn't you say? :)
Yes, if you put CX-9 calipers on the car, youd need CX-9 pads and rotors too.
With bigger front calipers (two pistons), then shouldn't the brake cylinder be swapped with a larger capacity one? Which one can be a direct plug-n-play?

Dumb question here... but if you upgrade dia and presumably pad sq inch area (using CX9 cpts) are you then relying on the ABS system to balance frt/rear brake bias? The OEM cpts up frt are presumably balanced with the rear cpts, no?
This is a good question, would be helpful to know. I tend to believe that ABS are typically set with slight front bias, like a 55/45 ratio. But with a larger caliper and stronger front brake power, how would the balance be affected and how to correct that to balance the setup?
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