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Recommendation for Brakes and rotors for a 2015 Mazda 6 Touring

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I was at the Mazda Dealer yesterday for a oil change, The tech said that my front pads were at 3mm and the rear at 4mm. suggested to replaced pads. The dealer wanted $303 for front and $303 for rear, not including rotors. I declined. My car has 110,000 miles. I had all 4 rotors resurfaced and new brake pads installed about 4 years ago. Any recommendations on what rotors and pads to buy. How much should this complete job cost, should I do OEM or aftermarket ?
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Centric Rotors and Z23 pads. Under $400 though. The search field will yield a shit ton of recent posts on this and even one that has links where to buy. Actually, that post is in my signature.
One decision I could have done but didn't...
Go better on brakes, turned rotors and got better pads but what basic R&R I did was not good enough IMO.

I'd go larger rotors if I'd do it again at least with better pads...

Because my wagon is heavy and parts are getting old('er), making an adjustment is always great 😁, maybe 60K later I'll 👍.

(What driving style and where do you drive normal, that'll be/should be the decision maker 👍 for you)
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