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Recommendation for Brakes and rotors for a 2015 Mazda 6 Touring

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I was at the Mazda Dealer yesterday for a oil change, The tech said that my front pads were at 3mm and the rear at 4mm. suggested to replaced pads. The dealer wanted $303 for front and $303 for rear, not including rotors. I declined. My car has 110,000 miles. I had all 4 rotors resurfaced and new brake pads installed about 4 years ago. Any recommendations on what rotors and pads to buy. How much should this complete job cost, should I do OEM or aftermarket ?
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Dumb question here... but if you upgrade dia and presumably pad sq inch area (using CX9 cpts) are you then relying on the ABS system to balance frt/rear brake bias? The OEM cpts up frt are presumably balanced with the rear cpts, no?
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