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Recommendation for Brakes and rotors for a 2015 Mazda 6 Touring

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I was at the Mazda Dealer yesterday for a oil change, The tech said that my front pads were at 3mm and the rear at 4mm. suggested to replaced pads. The dealer wanted $303 for front and $303 for rear, not including rotors. I declined. My car has 110,000 miles. I had all 4 rotors resurfaced and new brake pads installed about 4 years ago. Any recommendations on what rotors and pads to buy. How much should this complete job cost, should I do OEM or aftermarket ?
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You can't go to larger rotors without replacing a lot of stuff and that gets expensive fast. You also have to do both axles at once or you'll wildly unbalance what was originally designed -- possibly dangerously.

IMHO Z23 pads and, for the rotors, I'd spend for 100% coated, especially if you live where it snows. Centric is well-respected; I've got the PowerStop rotors on mine and like them plenty. Yeah, they're drilled and slotted so I can't have them turned but typically don't when it comes time to replace brakes anyway as there's no real money to be saved there anymore.

I liked the Z23s enough on my Mazda that I put them on my truck too and for anything in the future if they make the pads in the right size that's what I'm buying. I've never had them fade on me even when I've gotten them very hot, they are low dust, their initial bite even cold is quite good, they're very linear across the temperature spectrum and even when in very-aggressive use (e.g. on a truck that has nearly every mile with a 5k+ gross trailer behind it, that is, where they get USED) wear rates are low and very acceptable. I don't know what more you can reasonably ask out of a brake pad and their pricing is very reasonable.

If you want something that bites instantly when cold they're not going to be your favorite but I find those sorts of pads dangerous as they often wind up fading badly when hot and when I need brakes I need 'em NOW. Give me linear across the temperature spectrum even if I need to put a bit more pressure on the pedal when they're cold -- as long as there's more there than required to lock the wheels on dry pavement under all conditions IMHO linearity wins and the Z23s deliver in that regard.
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