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Rear wiper blade for the wagon

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So I went into the local AutoZone for a new rear wiper for the wagon. I look it up in the book, and it says get something like and 18". Hm, that looks a bit big, but I I figure the book is right and I'm wrong. Take it outside and it's way too big. The book must assume you have a 5-door and assumes the wagon doesn't exist.

So I order a new blade from the dealer, I figure that should be foolproof. Slide the old one out, slide new one in. The blade isn't tight, and so it only contacts the window at the edges and the center. Great, I now have 2 muddy stripes in the middle.

What am I missing here?
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You might be missing the 2 stiffening rod that go along the length of the blade. They are also slightly curved to conform to the curvature of the rear glass.

See if those are installed.

BTW, I get the generic refills from Mazda that I can trim to fit any length of blade. They work great and you don't have to rely on a book that might not include your wagon in its 'database'.

Good luck.

I bought the rubber and the backing as an assembled part from Mazda, think it was less that £10. No messing about
Stiffening rod? I never took them off, so I wonder where they would have went. I only slid the blade out of the holder. I'll take another look.
Bump: got it fixed. Ordered a new wiper assembly, blade & arm for $25 or so. The rod was missing, though I thought I was careful not to remove it. Oh well.

Now I can see out the back... what a concept!
You can buy a $6 blade replacement pack from Autozone. Pull the old blade out, trim the new one to the same size, slide it back in. Just make sure that you get the THIN replacement blades.
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