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I have have a brand new Mazda 6 in the UK in the current base spec without a reversing camera.

When I park it beeps as I pull close to anything, and a red area shows where I am close to something and how close it is on the dashboard screen.

I was carefully backing in to a parking space, and there were no beeps when I hit a 20cm square post, rotated 45 degrees so I hit the corner, about 20cm in from the edge of the bumper. The post was about bumper height, and invisible from the driving seat. It was protecting a tree at the intersection of four parking spaces...

Is this normal behaviour for parking sensors?

I now have small dent in the bumper and a tiny chip in the soul red paint. How much is that likely to cost me to fix when I have to hand the car back?

Thanks for your advice everyone.
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