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Rear camber kit question

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Does anyone have the Megan rear camber arms on a 2017? I want to make sure they fit before I order and don’t fit lol. Thanks
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Did you end up getting them? Curious on feedback if you got them installed.

I have them along with the rear lateral arms but haven't installed them yet as I need to schedule an alignment for immediately afterwards.

Unless of course you really want blue.. :unsure:
That's why I got
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Having just ordered a 2022 Mazda 6 Atenza (2.5T) Sedan, I can confirm that the Megan Racing Camber Control Arms work great on my 2017 Mazda 6 SP25 Astina (2.5). I also installed Eibach Springs, Eibach Swaybars Front and Rear, Koni FSB Dampers and a full set of SuperPro poly bushes throughout. Planning similar with the Mazda 6, except it will be Eibach Springs, Bilstein B8 dampers, Hardrace Swaybars, Megan Racing Camber and Toe Rear Control Arms and full SuperPro poly bush throughout.
I went with B6's and Tanabe springs and am wondering how much of an improvement I'm missing out on not having the B8s. It handles great already, but I'm regretting my lack of patience when I decided to replace the shocks/springs and went B6 instead.

Did you have any noticeable improvement from the front sway bar? I've got the Progress rear sway bar which I love but wasn't sure if looking for a replacement for the front would be worth it
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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