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Rear Camber Arms and Alignment Specs

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I have been waiting for a good opportunity to install the rear camber arms from Megan Racing that have been sitting on my shelf for awhile to pair up with the rear lateral arms I have from them that are already installed.

I have an alignment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon as I finally got my CX-5 calipers installed with new rotors and pads, and was going to try and knockout inner/outer tie rods and the rear camber arms beforehand. It doesn't look like I'll make it all happen in time as the brakes took longer than I anticipated (one stripped lug nut which wrecked the stud and rounded both rear caliper bleeder screws when flushing the lines) but I may still go for the alignment.

I was told since my car is lowered, they won't align to OEM specs as it will not be right and asked that I get the measurements I want and they'll do that. I have no idea what to do there so any suggestions would be great! I do a lot of highway driving and aggressive backroad drives. Currently have Tanabe springs on Bilstein B6's with Progress RSB, Megan Racing strut bar, and Megan Racing rear lateral arms for adjustable toe. Wheels are 17" LiquidMetal Shadows with DSW-06 tires.

For the rear camber arms, I see that dropping the subframe is the only way to get them swapped. Is it doable to disconnect the rear shocks at the top mount as the only other step before dropping the rear subframe? I have a custom exhaust that is welded all the way back, although it sits lower than stock, so I am hoping I can get the subframe dropped enough to swap the arms without my exhaust getting in the way.

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-1 front and -2 to -2.5 rear. That's what I'm running static with camber bolts in the front and nothing in the rear.
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Do the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 use the same suspensions?
If I get anywhere near these numbers I'll open the inner shoulder down to the steel.
Sorry, -2.75 static in the rear. A lot of pieces cross over, but the 3 and CX-5 are the exact underneath. I think the 6 is a bit wider, so maybe the subframes are the difference, since im running 6 springs.
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Progress RSB is listed for the 3 but I am running it on my 6.
Yea, thats a known fit too.
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