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Razzi kit fitment on 2006 Sport Sedan

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I just bought my 2006 Mazda6 Sport Sedan a couple months ago. The car has side skirts from the factory, but the front and rear bumper are standard stock bumpers. They match my wifes 2006 Mazda6i Sedan.

I got a great deal on a front and rear lip from Razzi. The front certainly doesn't fit and the rear seems like it will take some elbow grease to get it to fit.

Does anyone know anything about this? I've read that if you have a 'sport' package the razzi kit will not fit. But the only thing that my sport sedan has that my wifes base 4 banger does not have as far as body kit is the side skirts, which I'm not concerned with. Our bumpers are identical.



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unless that front/rear lip is the only one i know of designed for the 06' it won't fit the 06.
Seriously? Their website says it fits and I called them and they said it would fit.

i could be wrong but i didn't think the older style lip kits fit the new 06'. i know a full bumper will fit all model 6's.
Nope, unless they changed their kit recently (which I doubt), it's only for the older '03-'05 Mazda6 and won't fit the newer model.
FINALLY! something sigma hasn't called me wrong on lol.
Sounds like Razzi isn't aware that Mazda facelifted the '06 models. Sounds like you got a kit that won't fit.
In that case does anyone want a brand new front and rear lip that are unpainted. :p
I have them for sale if anyone is interested.
I'm asking $270 plus shipping for them.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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