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I get a funny rattle from my exhaust while accelerating at about 3000 RPM on the dot.. it comes up, then goes away as I rev up..

Any idea what might be causing this? Its been happening for a long time but every time I take it to the dealer its the same ol 'cant reproduce the sound'.. but it happens for me all the time.. I need to take it to them and drive it for them.. but I figured that I would post it here and see if anyone knows what I might mean..

On that same line, might be the same problem.. during the winter only when I first start the car and sit letting it warm up I often get a rotten egg smell that is really embarrassing.. it also happens when I gun it in the winter..

Now I did just get my transmission replaced.. that might have been what that smell was coming from.. wont be able to tell until winter.. but does anyone know why this might be happening?

As always.. thanks for your help.
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