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Not possible. Youd know this if you worked on your own car.

Oh LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL oh That is funny. Funny Funny Funny.
Sorry. Are you reading what I'm typing?

I fitted new Rotors = I worked on my own car
I fitted the pads = I worked on my own car
I put brake grease on the rear of the pad where the brake piston makes contact = I worked on my own car
I check your own theory of the backing plate which was not the cause = I worked on my own car
I Fixed the Clanging Rattle on my vehicle that no one else could find (Dealers, Brake Specialist, Suspension Experts) = I worked on my own car

I also replaced the rear rotors and pads 6 months ago. =I worked on my own car
I even own a Handbrake Caliper tool so I can work on my own car
Sorry. more for you to read below. Feel Free

I mention my car is serviced by the Dealer and you think I don't work on cars. Lol lol lol OMG. Both my cars are serviced by a Mazda Dealer. This started right from the their first 1000km service interval. Most services cost me $294.00 discounted. For this I get to drive a the latest model Mazda 6, Mazda 3 SP25 GT ( bought one for my second car), CX 5's, CX30. Pick a model I've driven it to work while mine is serviced. The vehicle has all relevant updates installed and any recall attended too. The log book is stamped to show its service history is done according to manufactures specifications.
And wait for it. It also gets cleaned inside and out too. How good is that? Sure some of the major services cost a couple hundred more. But, it shows the vehicle is in top ship shape condition & is cared for. Used car buyers love this. One owner plus all that service history. This car has not let me down in 9 plus years, nor has my M3. Except for that damn rattle.

OOPs Sorry still laughing.

Lets see. I was taught by my Grandfather (RIP), an A Grade Mechanic form way back. Real Old School stuff. In the days when you repaired Water Pumps and Brake Master Cylinders. You know, honing out the wheel cylinders, re-kit Fuel Pumps, Recondition Engines and Gear boxes. Engine Head reconditioning ( Valve grinding Lapping replacing valve seats ) Building high performance engines. Getting them to run sweet, all before the world of the internet was invented. No Forums. You had a problem you solved it. No one else would. I can tune an engine just by listening to it. No electric timing light, just your ear. Rebuild Carburetors, Know the difference between an engine problem being electrical or fuel just by revving the engine and listening to it

Lowering & Raising vehicles suspensions, rebuild entire front & rear suspensions. Axle & Diff repair and replacements. Wasn't long ago I solve a few issues for a mate with his Monaro Coupe GTS 350. ( 70's Aussie Muscle car ) If I told you how it was fixed I know what you would reply.

I started working on cars when I was 15 years old. I'm now 9 yrs off retirement. So why would I spend time servicing my vehicle, when I can get to drive all these New vehicles mentioned above, get my car cleaned at the same time, and spend more time on the older cars I love & I grew up with.

Cars these days you plug them in to a laptop. Codes are shown what it might be. Then the guessing game starts while they spend your money trying to fix the issue.

Now through all my years of fixing all different types of vehicles I've owned, I have learnt a few things. Anything is possible & Nothing is impossible.

I've joined this forum to get information to assist me to sort out this rattle I had, and to help look after my Mazda 6 and Mazda 3.
To share information I have found with my vehicles, and help those who come across strange issues like this Rattle, which I noticed, more & more Mazda 6's are coming across as they get older.
Issues that dealers or you local mechanic would charge you hours and hours of labor costs. So as you mention, Issues you can fix by working on your own car.
I believe that's what this forum is all about people being helpful and also respect, what others have found and share.
Just like I have tried to respected your comments.

Anyway, as I've mentioned above.
I have 9 yrs till retirement and I cant afford to waste to much more time. I could have been not working on one of my vehicles.
It has been a pleasure communicating with you
So I wish you all the best for the future.

From Soul Red who fixed the Clanging Rattle in his Mazda 6 by fitting the Anti Rattle Clips which were in the New Pads Box supplied by my Mazda Dealer Parts Section..

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Guys I'm having what seems to be the same issue on my 2016 Mazda6 Touring. Just bought the car used and I think the brakes were done relatively recently. I get a rattle primarily from the drivers side front that happens when going over uneven road or potholes. Doesn't happen all the time. Took the car back to the dealership and mechanic looked at the brakes and found that the little rubber rings on the brake pins were sliding around not staying in place, so he replaced the pins. Still there's the rattle, so he thinks it's the strut but I don't think it is. Also, I get a delay when I pull off the brakes when sitting at a stop light for little while. Not sure what's going on with that, but it sounds like the anti-rattle clips are the answer to the rattle because similarly I don't have the rattle when I apply a little pressure to the brakes and go over bumps. I'll let you guys know what I find out. Thanks for this forum.
Hi MazdainMiami,

Please let me know how it went.

Did you find and fix your Rattle?

Soul Red

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I have 9 yrs till retirement and I cant afford to waste to much more time. I could have been not working on one of my vehicles.
Bye Felicia. You still dont work on your own car or youd know what i said was true.
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