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Radio LCD Display Unit

Hello, this is my first post here, and I'm sure it's probably a question not easily answered.

Like many other people, I'm having issues with the display unit above the radio. Some pixels flickering, some gone all together. Obviously this sucks. For those of you looking to buy a replacement, has it:

Instead of spending the $230 (or $330 at dealership) to replace the part, and since I am thinking of building a carPC into my mazda anyways, I am wondering if anyone out there knows (or knows how to find out) how the text is transmitted from the head unit to the display. Does the display do the formatting based off of a plaintext transmission, or does the head unit encode it in some special way before it gets there?

I haven't taken the radio and display out yet, so I don't know what the harness even looks like. How many wires in the harness? How many are data lines?

The goal, since I haven't said it yet, is to replace the display entirely, and build it into the interface of the carPC instead of having a physical unit.

Thanks for your help, forum, and I hope someone has the answers I need, or at least can point me in the right direction.
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