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Questions regarding Headers: Nautilus or MSDS for an '07

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I'm contemplating getting either of these for my '07. Would one be better than the other. The MSDS are a bit less expensive, but are they any better? Lastly, (with price being a factor) would I be able to use the remainder of my stock exhaust setup (from the cat back). My biggest concern is the pre-cat failure(s). I will have to have this installed, as I have niether the time nor place to do this myself. So my thought was to get the headers first, then when the funds are available get the Magnaflow.
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MSDS for the win. Nickle plated was all they had when i ordered. It looks blinging until they get heated then they blue nicely. 06-08 are all the same. I just had to add the MIL eliminator that was supplied with the headers. I am also running a magnaflow cat downstream. I did have one CEL on a long 1000 mile each way road trip for bank 2 slow response. It popped on the first 200 miles, cleared it and have not seen it since. That was after over 10,000 miles of driving on the headers. And have since put another 4000 and still no CEL. Also... you can hit the speed limiter on accident once you add these, mid-high RPM just keeps pulling hard and fast to redline. An amazing improvement over stock. To get a little more out of low RPM I would suggest an exedy lightweight flywheel as well.
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