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Questions regarding Headers: Nautilus or MSDS for an '07

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I'm contemplating getting either of these for my '07. Would one be better than the other. The MSDS are a bit less expensive, but are they any better? Lastly, (with price being a factor) would I be able to use the remainder of my stock exhaust setup (from the cat back). My biggest concern is the pre-cat failure(s). I will have to have this installed, as I have niether the time nor place to do this myself. So my thought was to get the headers first, then when the funds are available get the Magnaflow.
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According to the MSDS website they do have them for the '06-'08 now. The Nautilus (judging by the picture) do not look "chromey" like the MSDS do. :confused:
MSDS includes ceramic coat at no extra cost. It has a bit of a 'chromey' look. But also be aware that he offers nickel coat at extra cost and the 'chromey' pic may be those.

Attached is a pic of mine as they arrived. (not quite as chromey in person)

btw- Marty is GREAT to deal with. the night before I decided to install mine I couldn't find the instruction sheet & cutout template for the alternator heat shield. Marty emailed me back somewhat late on a Thursday night with a copy of the diagram.


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Did the headers make a big difference in performance do you get cel without the pre cats.
Off the line, not much. But when it starts building mid-range you can feel the difference.

I have no CELs... even though some say that's impossible. They've been on for quite some time not a one. (I do have a Magnaflow cat, but it's downstream of all 4 sensors)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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