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I'm not sure I'll get enough traffic for this post in this section but here goes:

I have a 1991 Buick Regal 3.1L V6 with 110,000miles. About 1 month ago I had a coolant hose fail and it was replaced. Last week I had smoke coming from under the hood on my way to work. I couldn't find the source and the problem never returned.

This morning the low coolant light went on and I took it to my mechanic, whom I trust. He took a peek and said it appears that my water pump bearing is starting to fail, causing antifreeze to weep from the bearing weep hole and burn off on the hot engine. This diagnosis would explain the smoke from last week and the low coolant light.

1) I didn't know my water pump bearing was lubed with antifreeze - that is interesting. I assumed it would be a sealed oil bearing.
2) Does the diagnosis make sense - I think so if indeed the bearing is lubed with antifreeze.
3) Water pump replacement is expensive, I think.

I'm not sure I have any specific questions, I just found the design of the water pump interesting. A repair bill worth $1000 or even $500 might push me to retire her - I need to ask my mechanic how much to replace it and how long the bearing might last.

Nevermind. A quick internet search shows it clearly is lubed by the antifreeze. Looks like a water pump repair in the next few months.
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