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Question for people with the Audio Link ipod hookup

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I used to have one in my 3 before i got my speed 6, and the cable wasn't very long on it. I was wondering how long the cables are on the new ones. If they are long enough to reach to the arm rest, or if not, how long exactly are the cables...

I had bought the OEM ipod integration Kit, but don't like the way it works, so if anyone wants to buy that, i am selling it for $110 shipped.


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someone has to have the audiolink.... how long would you say the cables are?
I have my audiolink running all the way to the center arm rest. There is enough slack to pull the ipod all the way out of the arm rest to use the menus, etc.

FYI, trussville mazda sells the OEM ipod kit for $117 shipped, so you might want to reconsider your selling price. And RPM sells the audiolink for $125 - $15 6club discount for $110.
You can also extend the AudioLink cable using an 8-pin mini-DIN extension cable to make it as long as you want it, if the stock cable isn't long enough for you.
hmmmmm, thanks for the info and the headsup on the pricing...... i guess i got owned on the pricing then, cause i paid 129 plus shipping from rosenthal mazda...

so i guess i will offer it at 110 shipped......
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