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Question about the OEM pedal pads/covers for MT...

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When I got my 2005 6 in 2010, it had aftermarket pedal covers installed. For years, I didn't really care but now I'd like to return to original pads/covers. I found and ordered two OEM clutch (specific) pedal pads, honestly just taking the chance that the clutch and brake pedals would be the same size as I thought they generally are (not much money, no big deal if not). However I am mad at myself because I didn't take the time to do the simple steps of measuring the clutch and brake pedals before installing the clutch pad to know if they're exactly the same size. The clutch fits PERFECTLY which is great but required way more effort than I expected, so when I went to do the brake, it looks to my eye the same size but I'm wondering if it's not slightly bigger than the clutch because I ultimately gave up and put the aftermarket cover back on for now - and again, the pads I bought did specifically say "clutch". I considered taking the clutch back off to measure, but kinda hate to stretch it out any unnecessarily. Anybody know for sure if they are different sizes? Also if anyone knows where I could get an accelerator pad, I couldn't even find one of those online... I plan to check a junkyard soon as I can. Thanks!
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accelerator has no pad. It's just plastic.

The clutch and brake are the same. Mazda only lists one part # - GJ6A43028
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