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I have a 2003 Mazda 6 with the standard radio/CD/Cassette Deck. I'm thinking about getting a Stratus 6.

I did some searches and found later Mazda models, Mazda Sirius unit etc, but not what I'm looking for... I read about issues getting the antenna installed in other year models.. any idea about the 2003? The gasket does seem kinda thin...but I don't know the thickness of the cable. Also, does the antenna really need to get outside? (I also don't see Stratus being talked about directly)

I don't feel that great about pulling everything apart to get to the HU at this point (either FM or AUXMOD (whatever the AUX mod is called that uses the CD changed)... maybe at a later date.

I have a tape deck, which I can use with a cassette adapter... and I guess that means using the cigerette lighter for power as well. Uggh... Any easy recommendations to keep things less cluttered with all the cords?

Where would be a good place for the the unit itself? (I also don't want to invite theft).

After all this... how difficult is the HU removal? I don't have an indoor garage... I don't want to be caught without a working vehicle...

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