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:( Is there any one else out htere that has had theese problems? Please Help
1) i bought my atenza with 3000 miles on the clock and only had ittwo weeks when i noticed that my left hand rear cvj( constant velocity joint) was loose and that my rear diff mount had CRACKED. I put it in to mazda and they replaced the parts under warrenty. I had the car another two weeks and it happened again the rear diff mount cracked and the cvj u/s. This time mazda replaced the rear diff and the broken parts. I month later it happened again!!!!! My car has now been in mazda for the last month waiting to be fixed and NOW they tell me there not going to cover the problem under warrenty because my front tyres show excessive wear!!! wtf? My car das only 7000 miles on the clock

2) MY front tyres after only 7000 miles are illegal, excessive weas on the outer edges,

Mazda are making it out as my fault has any1 had similar probs?

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i think its safe to say that your tires are wearing unevenly BECAUSE of your other problems and not that your cv joints and diff are breaking because your tires are going bad.....tell them to prove that your tires are the cause. they need to try to explain that to you. fight that, don't let them feed you that BS.
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