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Thought I'd try posting in this section since I had no luck in the other section.

Anyone else experiencing either of these problems:

1. My mods are 3" exhaust (no intermediate cat), AEM Tru-Boost EBC set at 16psi to redline, and modded factory airbox. Car has 3500 miles on it. When I go WOT, the highest the TPS ever reads on my Scangauge II is 67%! It does this no matter whether or not I have the EBC on and boost set at 17psi, or off and running of the WG spring only, with boost at about 12psi. Fuel also makes no difference (I've ran 100 octane unleaded), so I'm sure it's not knock retard. (And yes, it does "feel" like it's only getting 67% throttle. Meaning I think it should be faster.)

*Note: I have had the reflash done, but never noticed any difference in power. Didn't have a scangauge then, so don't know what the TPS was doing prior to the reflash.

2. The other thing is, the car has developed an obnoxious odor after it's driven for about 10-15 minutes. Doesn't matter how I drive it (easy or hard), as soon as I come to a stop I can smell differential fluid stinch! There are no leaks or drips that are visible anywhere, but it stinks to high heaven.

I know I could take the car back in to the dealer and have it checked, but I'd have to remove all of my mods (which is a pain in the butt). So I'd just like to know if anyone else has experienced either of these issues.

Thanks in advance!
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