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Problem with XCarLink and Iphone 3GS

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I just put the XCarLink for mazda into my 2007 6 today. It worked for about half an hour with an iphone 3gs then started to make a steady throbbing interference noise so i switched over to radio and now it doesn't work at all. When i now connect the cable to my iphone the phone disables the volume controls etc on itself but nothing happens (doesn't charge anymore either). The display will come up blank when connected or EX 4 when disconnected. Checked the instructions and the EX 4 could mean playlist, but none of the indicated controls (or any of them period) do anything to change it. I borrowed a nano 3rd Gen and it works fine, switch back to the iphone and nothing.

Any ideas? Anyone else with an iPhone 3gs running into problems? I checked XCarLink's website and the contact info is for China... Not looking forward to contacting them if I can avoid it.
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Just a quick update to those that find this now or in the future. I RMAd the unit back to RPM. They've confirmed that it should be fully compatible with the iPhone 3GS. On the de-install none of the wiring was comprised or pinched and the connection was secure.

Fingers crossed it was a bad unit because I have read other posts on the net from people having problems with the 3GS. We'll see what happens.
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