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You can find a great amount of discussions in this forum about the pricing of M6s and what you have and what you don't have as standard equip in different markets. Let's make a gallup how it is! Do someone pay for more or do the others just live in the wonderland? (Mainly I'm worried about myself, because here in Finland the cars ar damn expensive... :sarc )

I'll make it easier for you and list main equipment from the brochure here in Finland. Please tell us, what do you have in addition, what do you need to pay extra - or can have at all.

Here in Finland we have three different equip levels: Classic, Elegance and GT (V6 only). The most usual engines here are the 4cylinders, which I have used for pricing. For TDI:s you must add about 4000 EUR(=USD).

Classic (4cyl 2.0L Sedan: about 27 000 Eur):

Emergency brake assistant
Extra brake light
6 airbags
PODS for airbags
Neck rests and 3-point belts for each passanger (front and rear)
Belt pretensioners and force limiters in front
Double locking system for doors
Bumbers and side fillets in chassis color
Heat reflecting window panes
Roof antenna
15" tires
Interior titanium decorations
Steering wheel, Gear shaft and hand brake of plastic
Normal seat/steering wheel adjustments
Power steering
Remote door locking (all doors)
Module radio with 4 speakers
Manual A/C
Electric windows in front (auto for driver)
Electrically adjustable rearmirrors
Automatic wipers
Heated rear window
Passage lights in front doors
Karakuri system in rear seats

Elegance (4cyl 2.0L Sedan: about 30 000 Eur) adds:

Leather in steering wheel/gear shaft/hand brake
Elbow rests with storage + cup holders in front and rear
Adjustable sacrum support for driver
Automatic A/C
Vehicle computer
Cruise with controls in steering wheel
Audio controls in steering wheel
All windows functions electrically
Heated rear mirrors with chassis color
Heated seats in front

GT: (Only with 2.3L V6 engine, Sedan: 35 000 Eur) adds:

Bose audio
17" tires
Automatic Xenon lights with wipers

Optional with extra price (for example):

4speed auto (not for GT)
5speed auto (for GT)
Adjustable suspension (only for GT wagon)
4WD (only for GT wagon)
Bose audio (if not GT)
Xenons (if not GT)
Leather upholstery with electrical adjustments in front seats
Fog lights
16"/17" tires
Winter tire set (this is practicly must in Finland)
Webasto heater (TDI)
Rear radar
Auto dimming rearmirror
Great variety of steering wheel/hand brake decoration options

:D Still waiting for my silver contrail Sport Wagon Elegance TDI :D

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I'm pretty sure that 2.3l is an inline 4 cylinder, not a V6. Only N. America gets the V6 and it's 3.0l

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Originally posted by wongpres

            I'm pretty sure that 2.3l is an inline 4 cylinder, not a V6. Only N. America gets the V6 and it's 3.0l[/b]
Yes... I checked it and you're right - it's an inline 4.
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