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Mine look 100% the same in exactly the same spots!

I got mine in the end of May. I'm 195 lbs with 33" waist. Gotta love the cheap foam.

My mom's old Mazda Protege (2000) still look in relatively good condition (full cloth), and i used to drive it when i was a fat bastard (260 lbs 40-42" waist)

I haven't contacted the dealer yet. Honestly this is my first new new car and first car with leatherette seats. I don't know why I guess I was thinking maybe that's how it supposed to be? But then after seeing this I asked myself my car is only 4 months old, what's gonna happen in a year.
I'm planning on changing the oil very soon and will mention about this issue for sure.

And here are my pics, 4 months old 6 w/ tech package 4k miles driver and passenger seats:]
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