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Power Stop Z17 brake kit set at 30K miles

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I had the Z17 brake kit (geomet rotors and pads) installed last year and have around 30K miles on them. I know the 3rd gen Mazda6 vehicles have brake issues but I'm surprised that a Japanese brand trying to go premium has rotors go bad this early in mileage compared to Toyota and Honda vehicles. My brakes started to create vibrations at highway speed braking and I only use this car as my daily driver. I'm trying out the Autozone Duralast semi coated rotors and Gold pads (the Gold rotors and Elite pads are not available in my state). I figure it'll wear uneven again and at least swap them out under their warranty. Anyone else have similar issues or better mitigations for daily?

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Hang on.

So you put the PowerStop setup on and within 30k miles got warping? Not to sound mean, but if those things warped then it might be a sign of your braking habbits more than the vehicle. I've had my PowerStops (same geomet ones as you) for like 60k miles without a single issue. I know we've got a recent thread on here too with multiple members praising the quality of PowerStop.
I assumed that may be a possible cause as well but I never had that problem with the OEM rotors and pads before being swapped out. Never changed my driving style either but i did move from Texas to Hawaii. Environment play a factor? The car is currently at 93K miles and it only used OEM rotors and pads up until I swapped them out last year with the Z17 front and rear brake kit replacements.
Auto or manual?
It's an auto. Mainly the old ladies car.
I just did a full rotor and pad job on the car yesterday. I guess the Z17 brake kit (rotor and pads) did their job. It could of been a combination of issues that caused the parts to prematurely wear incorrectly. I noticed some of the guide pins were stiff (cleaned up and used the correct lube) and both front piston gaskets were damaged (probably from the previous owner or shop that last did the brake job). With Hawaii stop and go traffic within 10 miles, brakes will get beat up around here. I replaced them with Autozone rotors and Gold pads so at least I could get some "warranty replacements" if they do fail within a year. Going to be looking into front caliper replacements because there's no telling how bad those gaskets were torn nor the condition of the pistons inner sleeve. Parts are not easy to come by out here and 9/10 times have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to ship a simple part out here. Amazon doesn't even ship a lot of things out either compared to the mainland so that option is very limited as well.

Here's some photos of the uneven pad wear, cracks and pitting on the Z17 rotors and pads. Hopefully by doing the brake job myself will produce a better outcome compared to what was done before. Also, I don't think the geomet coatings lasted as long as they should have, even living here under island conditions.

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Calipers are shot with wear like that on the pad, but those rotors show the bed in process wasnt done completely or properly. Or, you park outside in the rain a lot.
Possibly? I never had issues when breaking in new pads and rotors before. The 6 is now parked outside since moving out here. Even then, I've never seen supposed good quality rotors get so badly rusted on the surface like that. My OEM rotors on my old first gen Scion TC parked outside for over 6 years when I lived in NC and never looked like that. The Carlinas always rain throughout the year. I'm assuming since checking the rear guide pins were stiff, this attributed to the uneven/tapered pad wear. I also forgot to mention on the previous post that these are picture of the rear pads and rotors but the front rotors looked about the same but with even pad wear. The rear outer pads had more wear compared to the inner rear pad as well.
Did you bed the brakes when they were first installed. I am not sure if this was asked but it is quite important. The rotors don't "warp" per se but build up high spots from brake material deposited after hard stops as @TalonTsi90 stated.
Most definitely broke in the pads and rotors once installed. I had a shop swap out the old rotors and pads sometimes in April of last year and put roughly 30K miles up until yesterday when I did the swap. Around 25K miles is when I started having pulsation when applying brakes at highway speeds. I just happen to have time yesterday to finally do the replacement.
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To make more things interesting, the wife just sent me this when she was trying to go to work. It wasn't like that before and decided to pop up one week after the brake job.

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As far as I know, I did the maintenance correctly. Even put it in maintenance mode for the rear brakes.
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Did you undo it though? If not, you have to go into MM first, and then back out of it.
Yes sir. I sure did. Verified it after the brake job. Took it out of maintenance mode and confirmed no MM light in the dash. No issues until a week later it popped up when my wife was getting ready to leave for work. I can't even put it in or out of maintenance mode. It's weird though because when I engage the EPB, it works and when I disengage it, the car can roll freely and what not like any other car. Even driving around seems fine so I'm not sure why the warning message even poped up in the first place.
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