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Sorry for the long post.

Was under the hood the other day and noticed that everything was covered in a layer of dust as I live and work on dirt roads in the summers. Decided to give everything a once over today and clean it up. Took TIP, SRI, TMIC, cold pipe, and BPV out.

Upon doing so, noticed that from the hot pipe to the ets tmic there was oily watery buildup. The TIP also had a good deal of oily buildup. Nothing crazy, just a little more and a little waterier than I was expecting. I'm wondering if maybe the oil change I got last time was done with shit oil? The oil change was done at a jank looking location that I don't usually go to... so who knows.

When I went to put everything back on, 2 of my bolts attaching the cold pipe and the tmic weren't tightening all the way... just spinning. I took them out and the bolts had metal from the tmic in their threads. I didn't force anything and the lineups were perfect (or so I thought)... Is there anything I can do? Is the TMIC fucked?

I had the same problem with one of my bolts from the bpv to the cold pipe. Just spun and didn't tighten all the way. What can I do? New coldpipe? I'd really prefer not to.

It got dark so I just put everything back together and started her up. No problems on the startup but there seemed to be smoke coming out of my exhaust. Its a wet humid evening so it could be that. I'll start it again in the morning to see if it really was smoke or if the humidity tonight made the exhaust thicker. I cant imagine why anything I did would result in instant smoking. Ideas?

At idle I gave some throttle. My boost gauge settled back to 17psi (which is where it usually sits) but then bounced between 15 and 17 a couple times before finally settling down again. I've never seen it do this. Leaks? Could be the reset ECU also. Weird?

Worried about leaks from things not being hooked up tightly as well as oil problems maybe resulting in the smoke. Won't drive the car until tomorrow as I want to be cautious and hear some feedback. Could be nothing, could be something.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks fellas. Sorry for the long post.
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