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Since I'm just interested in your opinion for now, I don't want to mislead people and post in the buy/sell area.

2003 Lapis Blue non-sports Mazda 6s
  • First and only owner
  • 5-speed manual, V6 engine, ABS, cruise control, power everything
  • ~41,500 miles (mostly highway from work commute)
  • Factory gray leather, black/gray interior
  • Upgraded 17" stock rims with new Toyo Proxes 4 tires (less than 3k mi)
  • 15/30 window tint on rear passenger and rear windshield
  • MagnaFlow Catback exhaust with resonator
  • XenonDepot 4100k HIDs
  • Silver/yellow front blinkers, red rear blinkers
  • clear side markers with 5-matrix LED with blinking light mod
  • Hyperwhite LED bulbs: front cabin, rear cabin, door corners, parking lights
  • Tail light mod (all four light up when braking)
  • 4 blue lighted door sills
  • Front splash guards
  • All-weather genuine Mazda6 floor mats
  • Cargo net
  • Hydraulic hood lifts
  • K&N air filter
  • Mobil 1 Synthetic every 3500-5000 miles since 1st oil change
  • Redline transmission fluid
  • Stereo: Factory MP3 player, CDT comps front, Infinity Reference 2-ways rear, Infinity Basslink Sub, US Acoustics amp
  • Polished/waxed at least 3 times a year, spending over 4 hours each time
  • All recalls done, only had two slight technical problems (PCM and one burnt spark plug replaced, that's it!)
Kelley Blue Book: ~$13,500 for a smiliar 6s in "FAIR" condition

Asking: $14,000

Does that sound reasonable? It's because of all the goodies and mods. The mods are clean and aren't too obtrusive, so the car feels very stock, 'cept for the nice hum of the exhaust. The body is in relatively good condition, and mechanical problems are next to none. Even my coworkers wonder if my car is new when they sit in it.

What do you think? Please play nice. :D

My location: San Fran/San Mateo

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