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Just some more opinions about the joy of 6. They must be right 'cause its all good.

Sunday Telegraph 29/3/03
by Ray Massey

"A Mazda family saloon is more satisfying to own than a Porsche, according to a British consumer survey. The Mazda 6 beat Porsche's Boxster sports car costing three times as much- into second place.

Behind them came the luxury BMW 5 series, followed by the Mercedes Benz E-class in fourth place.

The next most satisfying cars were the Lexus IS200 and the outgoing Jaguar XJ limousine.

Bottom of the customer satisfaction list was Peugot's 106, followed by the Citroen Saxo, Ford Fiesta MkIV and Fiat Punto.

The annual survey by AutoExpress ranks 100 cars according to 10 key areas including build quality, reliability, performance, comfort, practicality, ride and handling.

Japan dominated the survey in terms of reliability and 18 of the 20 most reliable cars were Japanese.

Honda's Jazz super mini was the most reliable, just ahead of the Mazda 6.

French, Italian and UK cars were found to be the least reliable, filling the bottom 12 places. The most unreliable car was the Fiat Punto, followed by the Citroen C5 and the UK-built Lotus Elise sports car.

Lexus was named the best manufacturer for the second year running , while Fiat was rated the worst. Britain's MG Rover was the most improved manufacturer.

Explaining why the Mazda 6 was such a winner, Auto express said ' It simply does everything very well indeed."

"It matches peerless build quality and round the clock reliability. You simply love the ride and handling"

Honda's jazz, one of the few small cars at the top of the reliability table, is singled out for praise as "the world's most exquistely packaged super-mini."

The survey results drew on responses from 25,000 motorists."

Made me feel extra good I got a 6, not that I need the POMS to tell me what we already knew.
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